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    Use Cases

    👨‍🎓 Course materials

    Make learning more interactive and personalized by engaging in direct dialogue with your course materials

    🔬 Scientific papers

    Turning scientific articles into intelligent interlocutors boosts your ability to understand and explore research advances.

    📚 Books

    Converse with books to unlock a new dimension of literary understanding and immersion

    📈 Financial reports

    Demystify financial data by interacting with reports for more intuitive, in-depth analysis.

    ⚖️ Legal documents

    Query your legal documents directly to navigate the labyrinth of legal language with ease.

    📙 Product user manuals

    Turn reading user manuals into a conversation, simplifying access to information and support.

    Unleash the power of your documents.

    1. Document sources cited

      Easily find the part of the text that answers your question with cited sources.

    2. Analysis of visual elements: formulas, graphs, images

      Advanced understanding of visual data for comprehensive insights.

    3. Optical character recognition (OCR)

      Transform images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

    4. Support

      Get assistance when you need it with our dedicated support team.

    5. File management

      Upload, delete, and rename your files with ease.

    6. Data security

      Your files are encrypted for your privacy and security.

    Theophile, student. 4.9 ★

    "Thanks to Chat-docs AI, I've transformed the way I study, interacting directly with scientific articles to clarify complex concepts quickly."

    John, professional. 4.8 ★

    "Chat-docs AI has changed the way I analyze financial reports, saving me time and improving the accuracy of my analysis through interactive dialogue."

    Erika, researcher. 4.9 ★

    "As a researcher, Chat-docs AI has revolutionized my research process, making it easier to interpret and connect scientific data through direct exchanges with texts."

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    FAQs 🤔

    Yes. is completely free, offering unlimited interactions within the limit of 3 PDFs and 20 pages per PDF. This offer allows users to fully test the tool's capabilities without financial commitment, making AI technology accessible to everyone. uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the content of PDF documents, including text, images, mathematical formulas, and graphics. The tool transforms each document into an intelligent entity capable of dialoguing with the user, providing information and answering questions in real time, based on the data contained in the document.

    No, is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, without requiring special training or advanced technical skills. The user interface is simple, and interactions are natural, similar to an assistant, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the tool's capabilities. takes the security and privacy of data very seriously. The tool uses end-to-end encryption to protect documents and the information they contain during processing. Additionally, strict privacy policies ensure that user data is neither shared nor sold to third parties, ensuring maximum protection.

    Yes, is designed to support multiple languages, allowing users from around the world to interact with their documents in their native language. This makes the tool accessible to a wider audience and facilitates a deeper understanding of the documents' content.

    Yes, has the ability to summarize PDFs, extracting key points and essential information contained in the documents. This helps users save time and quickly understand the content without having to read each page in full.

    Key features of Chat-docs include: - **Vision**: Enables understanding and analysis of complex visual elements such as images, mathematical formulas, and graphics, facilitating access to information that would be difficult to manually extract. - **Source Citation**: Provides references and citations to support the AI's responses, which strengthens the credibility of the information and aids in fact-checking.

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